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Allie, the mononymous creative moniker of Nashville-based singer/songwriter Allie Cuva (they/them), has joined the Other People Records roster. The label are kicking off this new partnership with a vinyl rerelease of Allie’s debut EP, Junior Coder’s Experiment, due out December 11th, 2020. To mark the announcement Allie has also shared their new music video for the EP’s opening track “Let Me,” a cut of lush bedroom pop built on a foundation of dreamy guitars and Cuva’s warm vocals. It’s a perfect introduction to Allie’s sonically ambitious yet deeply intimate indie, and an enticing hint of what’s to come on their debut full-length on the way in 2021.

Allie is the start of a bold new creative chapter for Cuva. In addition to spending time in various musical projects around Nashville, the multi-instrumentalist was recruited as the touring/session drummer for Cavetown, an experience that would prove pivotal to the start of Allie. Cuva returned from a lengthy run of shows feeling inspired, restless, and more certain than ever of their need to express themself through music. “I got home and felt very removed and strange, and music was a way to start trying to make sense of it,” Cuva explains. “I just had this feeling that I had a lot to say and also a new confidence in wanting to pursue it, and it made me realize I should do this. It’s about trying to learn who you are and how you want to communicate it.”

That desire for unbridled personal expression fueled the writing of Junior Coder’s Experiment, with Cuva finding particular catharsis in songwriting’s potential for self-discovery. “I started really prioritizing lyrics, both in what I was making and listening to,” Cuva says. “I felt like I only wanted to hear things that were telling me the truth, and it made me want to work on that skill, on articulating my own feelings.” Cuva’s conversational lyricism forms the heart of Junior Coder’s Experiment, all bolstered by the songwriter’s way with a hook and inviting instrumentals. The hazy atmospherics pair with Cuva’s explorations on the necessity and challenges of change, painting the distinct portrait of an artist truly coming into their own. “It’s about learning to tune into myself, learning to make time for this constant flow of personal information,” Cuva says. Junior Coder’s Experiment is a promising start for Allie and listeners won’t have to wait long to hear more. Allie’s debut full-length will be arriving next year from Other People Records, stay tuned for more details to come.


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