Fort Collins, Colorado’s Gleemer recently announced their upcoming full-length, Down Through, due out May 8th via Other People Records, and today the band are sharing another early preview of the album with its title track. “Down Through” is a dreamy, slow-burning cut that showcases Gleemer‘s mastery of atmosphere and dynamics. The song’s shimmering guitars wrap around the warm voice of guitarist/vocalist Corey Coffman as the track builds to a towering and cathartic conclusion. Coffman hinted at the song’s lyrical significance saying, “This is the title track of the album and it carries a particular weight with it. ‘Down Through‘ is about coming to the root of things… discovering what made you who you are and reckoning with that.”

Gleemer teamed with acclaimed producer/engineer Will Yip (Turnover, Code Orange, Turnstile) to record Down Through, expanding on their vibrant sound and creating their most accomplished work to date. Coffman, a successful producer/engineer in his own right, collaborated with Yip to hone the delicate balance between fuzz-drenched volume and somber ambience that defines Gleemer‘s music, often bringing the vocal melodies to the forefront along with Yip’s signature powerhouse drums. The result is an album that dials up the weight of Gleemer‘s sound without sacrificing its essential dream-like qualities. “When you start creating music you hope to one day reach that point in your career where you can make that record,” Coffman says, “and Down Through might be that record.”


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